Saturday, February 12, 2011

Meditation "Cigar" Box

Box Lid
Wood Burning and Watercolor

Last summer a somewhat local yoga studio was offering a 40 day yoga workshop based on Baron Baptiste's 40 Days to Personal Revolution. It involved daily yoga practice at the studio and weekly meetings and trainings with fellow yogis and yoginis. The theory behind the 40 days part is that it takes 40 days to create a new habit, so if one were to practice yoga and meditation for 40 days, a new healthy habit has been created. I wanted to attend this workshop, because I had been a poor yogini for months.

The problem was the yoga studio was only somewhat local, which meant driving 45 minutes to an hour or more (traffic depending) each way for 40 days in a row. If part of being a yogini is environmental consciousness, as I like to believe it is, then that was pretty counterproductive to yoganess. So, instead I invited a friend and a couple of pre-adolescent and adolescent local people to do 40 days of meditation and yoga on our own and meet once a week at my house.

In an attempt to keep the younger members into it, we made boxes and tools for our practice. The boxes were made from wooden cigar boxes and included mala beads, journal (the program includes reflective questions), candle, origami crane and polished stone. We made each of these things, candle excluded, although it would have been easy to do as well. No cigars were smoked in the obtaining of this box! These boxes are available through your local Michaels.

 The Open Box with Supplies

We used a wood burning kit to heat transfer photocopies from design and/or mandala coloring books onto the wood and then burned in outlines. I used watercolor pencils to color in designs and then painted the remainder of the box with stain and finished the whole thing with enamel. The kids were able to use all of these techniques as well.

Inside Bottom of Box

Inside Top of Box

Since being in grad school, I have continued to be a rather crappy yogini (notice the judgment?), but this is a habit I need to continue to try to redevelop. Hence, I just pulled this box out again today, hoping for some motivation.

In other blog news, I think the blog may go down to a post a week for awhile so I can focus on my final semester. We'll see.