Saturday, March 26, 2011

What's Up and My Studio Challenge

It's been awhile and here's what's been going on creatively speaking. First, I agreed to participate in some Artist Trading Card Exchanges that came due, so there were a bunch of cards to make. I thought about posting about ATCs again, but since that would take away from the making of ATCs and I was feeling into it, I did not want to pause and post. I was also working on the writing portion of The Fiction Project, but that's nothing to look at and I didn't want to post my story without any images. Then last weekend I spent Saturday volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and caulked all over a new duplex (insert crass jokes here -- I did and was immaturely very amused).

Habitat for Humanity is great for multiple reasons and one of the self-centered reasons is it get me thinking about and inspired to do something in my own house. One of the many things I have been inspired and sitting on is finishing my studio basement. This has become especially important lately as I don't actually work in my basement studio, due to the fact it looks like a basement and it's also cold like a basement. Instead I work in my office and on my kitchen table, which is messy and a hassle. Plus, I get crabby when I am in the art zone of mind and dogs want in, want out, want in, and people come into my space and start talking to me. It's not like I can justify being crabby about being disturbed if I am spread out all over community space. However, if I am in my basement corner studio, I won't get irritated every time someone wants to make a sandwich.

So here's my studio as it looks now and my challenge: By the end of this summer, it will no longer look like a basement.

There, I said it. I've had this goal for a long time, but now it's out there in the blogosphere, so hopefully, I will feel accountable and take it more seriously.