Sunday, May 1, 2011

Do You See What I See? Integrating The Mind and People

Last night I returned from NYC where I saw a 2-day discussion between Jack Kornfield and Dr. Dan Seigel. Tonight I am taking a break from heart palpitations and possible aneurysm to make an extremely short post... practically a twitter-post to give you the word of the day: integration.

Integration because that's one of the things I learned about the last couple of days and two because I am integrating what I learned into the final push (and source of said palpitations and aneurysms) of finishing this grad school deal. Worlds collide.

This is my 10 minutes of art making for the day, which is part of a course final project and has to do with integration. No time to explain, but that's what's up.

Phase Uno of Larger Piece: Do You See What I See
Party on!