Thursday, January 27, 2011

National Geographic at My House

Today in spite of heartfelt fake manipulation crying and authentic Californian-in-winter whining on my part, I was unable to convince my significant other to do all of the shoveling while I sat in front of the fire in my pajamas. In the interest of practicing radical acceptance of the great suck that is snow and winter, I found a way to reframe and experience mild enjoyment outside today.

I observed the elusive Sock-Swiping Miniature Australian Shepherd in its natural habitat... my yard.

Witness this: Otis Finnegan Spunkmeyer, aka "Odor" and his pure snow joy.

Video Therapy for the Winter Challenged

After decrease of these shenanigans, we (Otis and I) had a still photo shoot with my good camera (above was filmed with a junky point and shoot).

Oh wait, shenanigans maybe not complete...

Documenting this little dog's snow love almost makes me feel better about winter.

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  1. Hi there...just stopping by after getting your comment the other day. I've added your blog to my google reader so I can see when you update. Have a good day!