Sunday, February 20, 2011

Paper Charm Experiment Numero Uno

I would have liked to post a complete tested and approved project for my weekend thus far, but those darn responsibilities, readings and paper writings are really putting a cramp in my art-making lately.

I'll get into the details of what led to this and how I imagine it could be used once I have figured it out myself. In the meantime, here's my experiment of the day: the paper charm.

The supplies are: mounting board (and cutting tools), tiny image, eyelets (and supplies for inserting eyelets), rings, glue and outdoor enamel.

Here's what I did...

I started with a 1/2 inch photo and cut a 3/4 inch square of black mounting board. I glued the photo on the board. Since this was a test, the photo was a little printout from home. If this were not a test, I would get a real photo so it would hold up better when coated in enamel (ink bleeds when wet).

I punched a hole in one corner and coated the whole thing front and back in enamel. If I was being serious, I would have coated it in 3-5 coats of enamel, following the recommended drying time on the bottle, so it would be more waterproof. I inserted the eyelet and put the ring in the eyelet.


Test complete and it was successful enough to work on what's really on my mind.

To be continued...

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