Sunday, April 3, 2011

In the interest of delay...

Today I am feeling productive, but producing very little.

I decided to write down all of the assignments for my classes and create a goal of flying through those muthas so I can kick back and do nothing for the next 6 weeks. There isn't a lot left and I am motivated to get it done, but I had some mail art due, so instead, here's what is in my mailbox!

These are for a tarot card ATC swap. I always thought knowing how to read tarot cards would be fun (and not unlike Jungian psychology -- oh, did I write that out loud?), but since I don't actually believe in that stuff, I'm not invested in the fun enough to actually memorize that shyzer. I should research the cards I chose though, because maybe they're meaningful to me right now or something. Making the cards was fine and how I spent a portion of my day. These are ink, embossing and eyelets.

And, back to real work...


  1. soo cool.
    i love tarot. i spent yesterday doing readings w a friend. perhaps i am thick-headed, so pardon my asking this- but did you make them for a tarot swap, yourself, or what?
    did you make a few, or are these a selection of the entire deck?

  2. Thanks Violet! I made these for an artist trading card swap. Some people felt inspired to make entire decks, but I just made the three to trade. It would be fun to do a whole deck though. If I knew how to read them and could focus on one thing that long I might do that.