Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Sketchiness of Last Post

Okay, here is the final project I was working on last week for my Art Therapy and Social Action class.

The inspiration came from the first two principles of Buddhist Psychology: "1. See the inner nobility and beauty of all human beings and 2. Compassion is our deepest nature. It arises from our interconnection to all things" (Kornfield, 2009), a guided pair meditation of looking into the eyes of another to increase empathy, Hiu Lui Ng (making me realize the need for people not objectifying another and treating as object) and the artist Isaiah Zagar.

It's about getting to know one another through looking into another person's eyes and hearing his/her story, a social action of connection if you will.

I envisioned this as a large mural with hundreds of eyes and stories. My artistic response was a smaller version of the eyes and stories of people in my house. 

Still sketchy? Probably. My ability to write decreases with rising temperatures and beautiful weather I think. In the meantime, here's the trailer for In a Dream, the documentary about Isaiah Zagar. 

He makes me want to take a road trip to Philadelphia this summer. 

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