Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sorry, but this has to happen...

I am not writing about art or being a therapist in this post. This is an expression of an annual tradition anywhere I have written anything: journals, blogs or sticky notes. It's that time of year when I assess myself and plan for the future, also known as my birthday. I have decided not to review last year's goals today, because I fear I forgot many of them and may feel a little deflated if I remind myself of failures or general forgetfulness and lack of focus. This has been an intense year, full of change mostly for the good and although I may not have accomplished some things on last year's list, I had a phenomenal year overall and I am ridiculously happy with my life. I think that's all that needs to matter.

I feel like I am finally at a point in life where things feel right and I don't have a long list of wishes or changes I want to make. Of course, more money and free time to be adventurous in the world, would be great, but I also believe part of the fun is in the challenge of making incredible things happen in an otherwise ordinary life. It wouldn't be as exciting to travel anywhere or try new things if money and time were endless. This year's highlights included performing in a flying trapeze show, running a marathon, several half marathons, doing a triathlon and skydiving. I realized this year that amazing opportunities for experiencing the world are all around if I am open enough to explore and brave enough to try. Turns out one doesn't need to be rich or famous to do some pretty intense living.

But I digress... this year's goals are pretty normal.

1. Attend one yoga class per week, so I can be a better yoga teacher.
2. Write LMHC after my name, so all that money on an education doesn't go to waste.
3. AFAA certification, so I can teach whatever I want at the gym and be legit about it.
4. Meditate 10 minutes per week, so I can mentally chill better. I know that's small, but I have a rough time of holding still when I am not sleeping, so I need to start small in order to be successful.
5. Read a bunch of books I listed elsewhere, so I can feel smart about some stuff.
6. Be early, because it makes me feel better about myself and reduces anxiety.
7. Write an article, because I have always wanted to write and am getting old, so I better actually accomplish some life goals.
8. Write in this blog every week and have new art to show every time, therefore staying creative.
9. Save $2000 for my trip to India I plan to go on when I am 40.
10. Learn about India so I know where I want to go.

It's an extensive list, but I believe it to be accomplishable. The biggest struggle will be being early, since I am chronically late (and emotionally beating myself over it.)

Creatively speaking, this week I have been working on my etsy site, posting monkeys and monsters, writing about monkeys and monsters and making new monkeys to add as well as drawing in my art journal.
Page from my art journal

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