Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blast from the Past

This weekend has been a real pleasure, non-stop festival of joy and I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible, because I tasked myself with organizing old images and stuff on my memory card. I found some scans of work from last year that I am going to post rather than think very hard or write about what's on my mind now. I also worked two overnight shifts in a row. I'm not feeling particularly bright at the moment. I'm just trying to stay awake long enough to go to bed at a reasonable hour at this point.

So here are my old sketchbook sketches based on theories readings.

Watercolor Pencil, 2009
Watercolor Pencil, 2009
(Reading Winnicott)
Existential Countdown 
Watercolor Pencil, 2009
(Reading Rollo May)
Watercolor Pencil, 2009
(Reading Winnicott)
Jarvis Experiences a Sense of Grounding in Pilates Class 
Watercolor Pencil, 2009
(Reading Freud)
Jungian Twins II  
Watercolor Pencil, 2009
(Reading Jung)
Watercolor Pencil, 2009
(Reading Neuropsych)

For my integrative final for my theories course I decided to create a sculpture based on what was going on in my head during the semester that looked like this.

And this part really does make me happy, no sarcasm this time... I got someone to agree to let me cast her face! Rhahhh ha ha ha!!!

WARNING!!! This is an example of a very terrible art therapy directive! You probably should not do this to anyone's face while in art therapist mode EVER, because panic attacks and ingestion of toxic purple slimy chemicals may ensue. My model was fully at peace, however, as you can see here.

It resulted in this...

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